The Three Best Bakeries near Mobile

If you have a sweet tooth or need to get your savory pastry fix near Mobile, you have many delicious options to choose from! Read ahead to learn more about the three best bakeries of Mobile, Alabama: Bake My Day, EllenJAY Bakery, and Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique.

Bakery Display Case

Bake My Day

As a family-owned and -operated bakery, Bake My Day specializes in variety to cater to all ages, taste palates, and occasions. In the café, you can order freshly baked croissants with house-made chicken salad or pimento cheese.

Then, grab one of eight different kinds of squares including brown sugar brownie, pecan pie, and Hoosier cake. You can also order squares, pound cakes, layer cakes, and a variety of cookies for the whole family.

EllenJAY Bakery

EllenJAY Bakery was established in 2008 after two women who began as strangers who were training for the same marathon became friends and hatched the idea for a bakery full of bright, decadently ornamented baked goods.

Lauren, the “Elle” portion of the bakery’s name, combines her expertise in graphics and passion for baking to create unique designs and flavors. Jennifer, the “JAY” portion of the bakery’s name, specializes in organizing marvelous parties and channels that into conceptualizing the many seasonal and special goods this bakery has to offer.

Simply Sweet Cupcakes

Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique

As a cupcake boutique, Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique specializes in bite-sized sweets and a lot of them. On any given day, they have twelve different extravagant cupcakes to choose from. However, half of them change depending on the day of the week.

Every day, you can expect chocolate, vanilla, key lime, red velvet, white velvet, and salted caramel gingerbread. But if you go on a Tuesday, you could also get a chocolate ganache cupcake or a white chocolate raspberry cupcake if you go on a Friday.

Have a Sweet Day!