3 Best Must-Try Breweries near Daphne AL

Whether you’re an enthusiast or you simply appreciate a well-brewed beer, you’re sure to enjoy the following best breweries near Daphne, AL. Here’s an introduction to all three. We invite you to check out each one.

Fairhope Brewing Company

Flight of Beer

Born out of love for both beer and the Lower Alabama community, Fairhope Brewing Company has been brewing quality craft beer since 2012.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on tap:

  • Everyday Ale. This English-inspired American blonde mixes Maris Otter and Kent Golding hops to create a well-balanced and flavorful experience.
  • Judge Roy Bean. Local coffee beans and beer come together to form this decadent American stout.
  • I Drink Therefore I Amber. Here’s a colorful, rich American amber whose smoothness is due in part to its well-balanced light caramel and toasted flavors.
  • Cheap Sunglasses. Try this light, refreshing golden ale when you’re out on the boat!
  • Rescue Dog Red Ale. This seasonal Imperial American red-styled hop lover’s dream is near and dear to the hearts of the Fairhope Brewing Company folks because, with each glass sold, one dollar is donated to the Baldwin County Humane Society.

Stop by Fairhope’s Facebook page for news and upcoming events.

Haint Blue Brewing Company

Cheers Beer

A color found on porches all over the South, Haint Blue is an integral part of Southern culture. Similarly, Haint Blue Brewing Company strives to be a vital part of the Southern community by supporting local people, artists, and businesses.

  • Marianne. This crowd-pleasing Saison is rich with the unmistakable flavor of saffron.
  • India Pale Ale. Here’s an IPA that’s fruity, clean, and crisp. It effectively uses its distinctly romantic floral taste to counter the traditional IPA bitterness to create a unique balance.
  • Porter. The roasted malt of this smooth, dark beer gives it a pleasant coffee-like finish.

Stay current will all that’s going on over at Haint Blue Brewing Company on their Facebook page.

Serda Brewing

A Mobile, AL, craft brewing company, Serda Brewing offers tours and tastings and features a local pub style that works nicely with their German style beer to deliver a unique and charming experience.

Below is a sampler of Serda Brewing’s signature craft beers:

  • Hook Line and Lager. Get a taste of the Pilsner that started it all. Enjoy the spicy and tangy flavors inherent in Serda Brewing’s flagship beer.
  • Tidewater. Here’s a spicy amber beer with a hoppy bitterness that goes quite well with its invigorating floral flavors. This pub-style beer is sure to be an instant favorite.
  • Clear Prop. This Baltic Porter-style brew is Serda Brewing’s flagship dark beer. It’s dark caramel coloring and notes of honey, raisin, and a lingering smokiness make it a house sensation.

Find out what’s new at Serda Brewing by visiting their Facebook page.

Get to Know the Best Breweries near Daphne AL

Now that you have a better idea of what Fairhope Brewing Company, Haint Blue Brewing Company, and Serda Brewing all have to offer, stop by each one to get the full brewery experience near Daphne, AL.