The Best Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day near Daphne AL

Restaurants for Valentine's Day near Daphne, AL

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which makes this the perfect time to start planning a night full of love and romance. Whether you and your significant other have been together for years or you’re in a new and budding relationship, a good old-fashioned date night never fails-and that all begins with dinner.

To help you have a night you’ll always remember, we have the best romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day near Daphne, AL. With some great food and maybe even a cocktail or two, your holiday will go off without a hitch.

Camellia Café

Romantic Restaurant for Valentine's Day near Daphne, AL

Camellia Café is a fine-dining establishment that focuses on serving up delicious, fresh, and local fare, making it ideal for a romantic night. They offer tons of small plates to start your meal, which is great for getting intimate and sharing with your love.

After, choose your entrée, such as the tasty grilled beef filet, which comes with truffle oil and a poached egg or the local chicken breast, served with cashews and a teriyaki sauce. Don’t forget to end your meal with a dessert perfect for V-Day.



Fairhope Inn

Romantic Dining for Valentine's Day near Daphne, AL

Located in a turn-of-the-century-built home, Fairhope Inn offers a unique experience that can be paired with a stay in their lovely B&B. They offer tons of romantic dining rooms and a menu that is filled with scrumptious bites.

Here, you can craft your own meal, so everything is just how you and your special someone like it. Start with an appetizer to share, then choose an entrée from the land or the sea. Next, add on a starch and a vegetable for a complete meal. Simply delicious.



Papa’s Place

Italian Cuisine for Valentine's Day near Daphne, AL

If you’re looking for a charming place to spend Valentine’s Day filled with steak, seafood, and Italian dishes, Papa’s Place is the way to go. From fresh-made pasta plates to veal, chicken, steaks, and fish, there’s something perfect for everyone here.

They’re also known for their desserts, including traditional tiramisu, chocolate fudge cake with homemade cream sauce, and a banana puff pastry. There’s no better way to end a romantic meal than by sharing something sweet.


Love is in the Air

Now that you know the best romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day near Daphne, there’s nothing in the way of a perfect holiday date night. Contact them today to get your reservation!