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When it comes to safety, your brakes are your most valuable ally. Here at Nissan of Mobile, we understand how important it is to keep your brakes running at their best. That’s why we’re committed to providing the brake repairs and services needed to all drivers around the Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland, AL, areas.

So, if you’ve been thinking about where you can get a “brake repair near me,” visit our service center today!

Brake Repair

Our AL Brake Repair Services

When you choose us for your next brake repair, you can count on us to provide the comprehensive service you’ll need to ensure your safety. When you take your vehicle in to our service center, we’ll inspect it to determine the most effective repair. With years of training and experience working with all types of cars, our team of technicians can be counted on to get the job done right.

Here are a few of the most common repairs we perform:

Brake Pad Replacement

Over time, your brake pads will wear down, making it harder for your vehicle to slow down and stop as needed. When this happens, you can take it to our service center, where our team will swap out your old brake pads for new ones.

Rotor Repairs & Replacements

The rotors and the brake pads work together to bring your vehicle to a stop. Like the pads, the rotors will wear down over time and can become uneven. Depending on the thickness of the rotor, our team can resurface it to create an even surface. If it’s not thick enough to resurface, we’ll replace it.

Brake Bleeding

Brake fluid is responsible for keeping the brake system running as smoothly as possible, and it will need to be replaced over time. To replace the fluid, our team will bleed the system. Brake bleeds remove old fluid as well as air trapped within the system. Once the brakes have been drained, we’ll be able to add fresh fluid.

Regardless of whether you drive a sedan, like the Nissan Altima; an SUV, like the Nissan Rogue; or a truck, like the Nissan TITAN, we’ve got you covered when it comes to brake repairs. Plus, we can do more than just fix your brakes! No matter what’s going on under the hood, we’ll be happy to take a look and provide the repairs and maintenance needed to get you back on the road.

When to Schedule a Brake Repair Near Me

So, when should you get your vehicle’s brakes repaired or replaced? Well, that will depend on your vehicle and the types of brakes it comes with. Typically, though, the brake pads should be replaced after 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Some brake pads may be able to last even longer.

However, mileage isn’t the only factor that can determine when it’s time to schedule a brake repair. You should also keep an eye out for some common warning signs.

Some signs that indicate your vehicle needs a brake repair include:

  • Squealing and grinding noises: If you hear a high-pitched noise or grinding when you apply the brakes, it may be time to get your brake pads replaced.
  • Leaking brake fluid: Leaking fluid is one of the most telltale signs that your vehicle needs service. If you see light brown liquid underneath your car and notice a decline in brake performance, take your vehicle to our service center immediately.
  • Vibrating brake pedal: When your brake pedal starts to vibrate, it most likely means your brake rotors are warped. You’ll want to schedule service as soon as you can to have them replaced to ensure your safety behind the wheel.
Stepping on Brakes

Brake replacement

Our Nissan Service Center

Bringing your car to us for service means being able to work with some of the best service technicians in Alabama. Our technicians are expertly trained in everything related to brake repairs and maintenance as well as other services your vehicle may need throughout its life.

From oil changes and tire rotations to engine repairs, our team is here to help. They’ll always carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively, no matter how big or small the job may be.

Best of all, as we’re working on your vehicle, you’re welcome to spend some time in our customer lounge. Here, you can fuel up on free, freshly brewed coffee while you enjoy a show or two on one of our HDTVs. If you’d prefer to watch something on your own device, connect to our complimentary, high-speed Wi-Fi.

Have somewhere else you need to be? Let us know! We’ll contact a rideshare service for you so you can get where you need to go while we work on your vehicle.

Schedule a Brake Repair near Me Today!

Here at Nissan of Mobile, we’re committed to making sure your car can deliver the smooth and safe performance you need. If you’re ready to schedule your next brake repair, here’s how you can do so!

  1. Chat with us online: One of our Nissan of Mobile representatives will reply promptly to help you set up your appointment.
  2. Fill out our service form: Schedule service online simply by filling out the form! When we have all your information, we’ll confirm the date and time of your appointment.
  3. Stop by for a visit: Last, but certainly not least, if you live around Mobile, Prichard, Saraland—or any of the surrounding Alabama communities—stop by to set up your brake repair appointment.

No matter how you get in touch with us, we’re here to help. We’ll answer your questions, inspect your vehicle, and make sure you’re getting the right repair for your brakes. So, don’t wait—schedule a service appointment with us today!

We look forward to meeting you.

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