Brake Repair near Me

Brake Repairs Near Me

When it comes to safety on the roads, your brakes are your most valuable ally. There isn’t a doubt about that. In turn, that makes our Nissan of Mobile service team your number-two ally. We’re committed to repairing our customer’s brakes, especially if they live around Mobile, Prichard, Saraland, Daphne, or any of the surrounding Alabama communities. So if you’re searching for a “Brake Repair Near Me”, come visit our service center today!

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Our Brake Repair Services

The best part about our brake services is that they’re comprehensive. We deal with any and all brakes!

  • Disc brakes: These are some of the most common types, consisting of a rotor and caliper.
  • Drum brakes: You’ll also find these in many models, made up of an internal brake drum.
  • Emergency brakes: Secondary systems like these are also known as the parking brakes.
  • Anti-Lock brakes: This computer-controlled tech can prevent wheels from locking up.
  • Miscellaneous brakes: We can also deal with all brakes that we haven’t mentioned here.

In other words, regardless of whether you drive a car like the Nissan Sentra or the Nissan Altima, a crossover like the Nissan Rogue, an SUV like the Nissan Armada, or a truck like the Nissan Frontier or Nissan Titan, we’ve got you covered. Not only can we fix your brakes, but we can take care of almost anything else that’s going on, too. After all, we’re one of the top repair teams in all of Alabama.

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Our Brake Repair Specialist

Brake Technicians

As we mentioned, you’re dealing with some of the best service technicians in the entire state. Our technicians are expertly trained in all manners of brakes, as well as a bunch of other categories: transmissions, engines, windshields, tires, paintjobs, and just about everything else.

They’re some of the most professionally oriented folks in the business, too. They always carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively, with the utmost sense of professionalism. That means they’ll treat you with the respect that you deserve, each and every time. Don’t believe us? Call us now!

Find Your Brake Repair Near Me Today!

In addition to calling us, there are a few other ways to get in touch with our pro brake squad. Look here:

  1. Chat with us on our website: One of our Nissan of Mobile representatives should reply ASAP.
  2. Fill out a simple form: Just click on the Schedule Service Appointment link and fill out the form.
  3. Stop by and give us a visit: Last, but certainly not least, if you live around Daphne, Saraland, Prichard, Mobile, or any of the surrounding Alabama communities, we’re right here!

It doesn’t matter how you get in touch with us! We’ll help you immediately. We’ll set you up with an appointment, answer all your questions, and assist you in any others way that we can. So if you’re searching for a brake repair near me, stop by Nissan of Mobile!

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Customer Testimonials

Mr. Sawyer, my service advisor, has excellent customer service skills. I never had amy problems, so far. The mechanics are always fast and efficient on my visit with Nissan of Mobile.



Brian and his fellow technicians were amazing they took time to help my find the issue I was having and fixed it I am one happy customer I bring my car every three months for oil change and tire rotat...

Alicia Robinson


Always great customer service with the Service Department. I have never been anything short of thoroughly impressed with the technicians' quality work and considerate and informative service writers ...

Jake Anderson


Erik does an excellent job taking care of customers In the service dept.. apparently, other customers feel the same. Several of them were waiting to be waited on by him although there were other wor...

Melwetha Chandler

Brain my service advisor was great as always. I don’t have to worry about the repairs because he seems to know what to do before I tell him what’s the problem.



Deandre Buck made this entire experience happen! I went to look only, and ended up with a BRAND NEW CAR! I was sure it wasn't going to go through, with my credit 😳 That dude is damn good at sellin...

Morgan N

The service was excellent and my service advisor was very helpful and kind. A lyft was provided to transport me home and back to the dealership. My experience was very delightful.

Mbh/ Rouge sports

I’m a long time Nissan customer of 31 years in Mobile, AL. I’ve never had any major issues with this dealership(from Pat Peck Nissan to Nissan of Mobile).


My Technician Brian is always pleasant as very efficient making sure that I understand everything pertaining my vehicle. He has a positive and caring attitude always.

Terri Sharpe

Erik Orduna is the absolute BEST Service Consultant with #1 customer service and professionalism. I highly recommend Nissan of Mobile and recommend to everyone to buy a vehicle at Nissan because of th...

Stephanie Streeter