How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Oil Change

At Nissan of Mobile, our Daphne and Mobile customers often ask us: “How long does an oil change take?” and we understand why.

An oil change is a simple piece of routine auto maintenance that’s essential to the health and longevity of your vehicle, but Prichard and Saraland drivers have busy days they need to get back to.

To help you schedule out your day when you’re due for a change, we put together this guide that explains how long an oil change takes, what happens, why you need regular oil changes, and where you should go for this service.

How Long an Oil Change Takes

Getting right to it, an oil change generally takes 30-45 minutes for a well-maintained vehicle. So, if you’re regularly keeping up on routine maintenance per your car’s maintenance schedule, this should be a relatively easy process.

However, our technicians leave no stone unturned when caring for your car and work to ensure your safety out on the road. So, be prepared for the service to take longer if the technician catches something that needs repaired.

What Happens During an Oil Change

When you bring your car to the dealership for an oil change, the technicians will take your car back and begin the process. The most common practice is as follows:

  1. Lift the car.
  2. Open the oil drain plug.
  3. Drain the oil.
  4. Change the filters.
  5. Refill the oil.

Since gravity is doing a lot of the work, much of the service time for an oil change is actually spent allowing the oil to drain.

Why Oil Changes are Important

When your engine is running with clean oil, it works more efficiently, meaning better fuel economy, smoother engine operation, and a longer life for your car.

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Clean oil keeps the moving parts in your engine from grinding against each other and causing damaging friction. It also regulates engine temperature to prevent it from overheating and suffering irreparable seal and gasket damage.

To keep your vehicle running as optimally as possible, the general guideline is to take it in for an oil change every 7,500 miles, but that number can change depending on the age and make of your car.

Check your owner’s manual or contact your local Nissan service center for the best advice for your specific vehicle.

Where You Should Go for an Oil Change

There are three main options for where you can get your oil changed:

  1. Home
  2. Service chain
  3. Dealership

It’s certainly possible to perform an oil change on your own, but it’s best to have a professional do it for you. They perform this service often, so they’re up-to-date on all the best practices.

While there are plenty of service and quick-change chains, those technicians are more likely to be generalists, whereas the service staff at a dealership is specialized in the needs of your specific make of vehicle.

For that reason, a dealership is your best option for the highest quality oil change.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

If you realize you’re due for an oil change after reading our guide on how long an oil change takes, contact us at Nissan of Mobile near Prichard and Daphne.

We have years of experience getting Mobile and Saraland drivers the service their cars need, and will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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