Local Spotlight: Bake My Day

Cookies near Mobile AL

Whether you’re hosting an upcoming event or just want to treat yourself, you can never go wrong with cookies. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on the local bakery, Bake My Day, which specializes in sweet and savory cookies. Check it out below!

Cookies Made From Scratch and With Love

Cookies for Sale

Bake My Day ships cookies nationally, but its southern roots all started in Mobile, Alabama, by close friends Paula, Liza, and Rebecca in 2012. Most of the cookie recipes come from and are inspired by a sweet lady who they call Mama and who learned from her Granny. The family-owned bakery has grown since then and has won numerous awards and accolades including the “Top 20 Best Cookies to Buy Online in 2019” from eatgiftlove.com.

You can visit the shop and meet the owners at their Mobile location, or you can order online and join the Bake My Day Cookie Club. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with new cookie flavors every month by receiving a box of Bake My Day cookies on your front doorstep.

Sweet Options All Year Round

M&M Cookies

All cookies are made with real butter, vanilla, chocolate, and absolutely no preservatives. Every cookie is baked to perfection and is crispy on the edge and tender in the middle. You’ll be tasting sweet homemade goodness when you choose any of the bakery’s cookie options. Here are some of our favorites:

Sugar Sprinkles: A popular choice, this classic buttery sugar cookie has a fun twist with colorful sprinkles baked in. If you’re a Funfetti fan, this cookie is right up your alley.

Fruitcake Cookies: This holiday favorite is available up through the month of January. This cookie bakes in all the delicious ingredients of a traditional fruitcake: candied cherries, pineapple, dates, and pecans.

M&M Chocolate Chip: Chocolate lovers rejoice—this cookie is loaded with sweet, chocolatey goodness with classic cookie chips and baked in M&Ms.

Sweet-n-Salty Chocolate Chip: Careful with this one, this cookie is baked to perfection with chocolate chips, pretzels, and Bake My Day secret ingredients. It’s so addicting, it sometimes is referred to as the bakery’s “crack” cookie.

Delicious Cookies Baked to Perfection

What are you waiting for? Try these cookies today! You can visit the Mobile storefront or order a sample online. Be sure to follow Bake My Day on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest offerings.