Find Your Voice at Full Scale School of Music


The process of learning an instrument is one that brings a lifetime of joy, meaning, and memories.

Start your journey toward musical discovery with the Full Scale School of Music. Located right here in the Mobile area, this local institution offers group classes, camps, and private lessons to children of all ages.

To learn more about Full Scale School of Music, keep reading the community spotlight found below.

Full Scale School of Music: How It All Began

Full Scale was established in 2012 by pianist Daniel Driskell and local theater member Chris Paragone as part of the Azalea City Center for the Arts.

Today, it has seven music studios and offers lessons on numerous musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, violin, and drums.

Lessons are offered through several distinct programs, including:

  • Private lessons
  • Homeschool band classes
  • Summer camps

Each program brings something unique to the table. However, they all provide the same great instruction at Full Scale’s facility. Welcoming and patient, with a true passion for music, they’ll guide you from beginner to expert in a way that’s both fun and educational.

Numerous Ways to Play

As mentioned briefly above, Full Scale offers several programs to choose from. Here are the details of what each will entail.

Private Lessons


If you’re looking for individual attention, private lessons are the way to go. Held weekly, these lessons teach students to read, understand, create, and express themselves through sound. They’ll be given specific homework assignments to help track their progress, with recitals held at the end of each semester.

Homeschool Band Classes

Designed to provide students with a fun and encouraging outlet to express themselves, homeschool band classes accepts children and teens of all skill levels. Students are encouraged to experiment with various instruments, playing together in a variety of styles. Performances will be held twice per semester.

Summer Music Camps

Enroll your child in some fun this summer! Summer camps at Full Scale run weekly, and feature styles from rock band to Disney music, and even Star Wars piano. Divided by age level, camps can be scheduled for a full day or half day.

Enroll Your Child in a Music Class Today

Release your child’s inner performer and let their creativity shine at the Full Scale School of Music!

Follow them on Facebook for a list of upcoming events, then contact this music school today to enroll your child in one of their programs.