Local Spotlight: Meat Boss

BBQ Dinner

Looking for a new wave of quick meals in the Cottage Hill area? Check out Meat Boss, a grab-n-go and dine-in eatery that’s all about the meat. Just choose your meat, select your bread or wrap, add toppings, a side and a drink, and that’s all there is to it!

Well, sort of…

The Meat Boss Menu


While the concept of Meat Boss is conveniently simple, you might find yourself torn between the delicious selections they have to offer. Meat options include Boston butt, brisket, chicken, ½ lb. Boss Burger, ribs, and more. When it comes to the bread, you can choose from options such as sweet bun, sourdough, or a salad instead.

Then there’s the Boss Sauce. Choose from sweet, sweet & spicy, Carolina, spicy Carolina, and white BBQ — but more on the sauce later. Next, you’ll add your favorite toppings, such as traditional ketchup, mayo or mustard, or get fancy with avocado ranch or jalapeno jelly.

Then, you’ll scoop on some sides, such as potato salad, Spicy Crawtater Zapp’s, banana puddin’, or a sugar cookie. After that, choose your beverage — from a variety of sodas to fresh brewed sweet tea, lemonade, and strawberry lemonade.

And we haven’t even gotten to breakfast — that’s right, Meat Boss isn’t just for your brown-bagged lunch. You can enjoy breakfast favorites such as a breakfast wrap, loaded biscuit, or our personal favorite, Hog in a Blanket.

The Sauces


We told you we’d touch on the sauces, so here it goes. At Meat Boss, you can bring your favorite flavors home with you for those family barbecues and holiday gatherings. Here are some of our favorites, starting with the spiciest:

  • Spicy Carolina: a vinegar-based taste that offers extreme heat
  • Carolina: another vinegar-based, thin sauce
  • Sweet & Spicy: a thicker sauce with a sweeter taste and a spark of spice
  • Sweet: a mild, thicker sauce

Catering and Whole Meats

At Meat Boss, you don’t just have to savor the flavors for yourself — you can get your entire next party catered and share the fun. Their catering packages include your choice of meat, sides, and dessert, so you can really spice up your big event.

Additionally, you can just the meat with their Whole Meats menu option. Meats are priced per pound, and make the perfect addition to your next holiday gathering.

With so many different options at Meat Boss, you’ll be sure to find your new favorite spot for lunch, party food, sweets, and lots of spice.