Local Spotlight: The Cheese Cottage

Cheese Platter

If you are a believer that cheese makes every dish better, then you’ll want to check out The Cheese Cottage. This local shop has a range of specialty cheeses coming from local farms and creameries. With a menu full of cheesy options, you’ll want to try them all at The Cheese Cottage!

Extra Cheese, Please

Wine and Cheese

Whether you want to just munch on cheese or are looking for a meal that lets various types of cheeses shine, the menu at The Cheese Cottage has a range of choices. Their various cheese and charcuterie boards come with different types of cheeses, meats, fruits, nuts, and breads for you and your friends to snack on.

You can also stop by and get something light for lunch like one of their salads. The Greek Mediterranean Salad comes with their freshest feta cheese and the Burrata Caprese features fresh hand-pulled burrata. You can also warm up with one of their soups, like their Tomato Basil & Goat Cheese Bisque.

On their menu, you will also find some amazing sandwiches! The Ultimate Four Cheese Baguette comes with white cheddar, smoked gouda, big eye swiss, provolone cheese, and thick-cut bacon inside a toasted baguette that is spread with jalapeño jam.

Their Turkey & Gouda Croissant sandwich has the delicious combination of oven-roasted turkey with Marieke Gouda, which is perfectly aged six to nine months.

If you are a fan of the soft, creaminess of brie, you’ll want to try their Brie & Bacon Baguette. This sandwich uses double crème French brie, thick-cut bacon, and house-made basil mayo.  Whatever you order, they also have a wine ready to pair with whatever type of cheese you’ll be having!

Make Sure to Save Room for Dessert

Still in the mood for more cheese? Not to worry! The Cheese Cottage even has a dessert menu full of cheesy creations. Their Chèvre Cheesecake takes this classic cake to the next level. This lemon goat cheese cheesecake cake comes topped with blueberry and pecans.

Nestled in a bed of mascarpone cheese, they also offer a house-made pear that has been poached in cabernet sauvignon for a unique and delicious dessert. The whole table can even share The G.O.A.T. With half a pound of California Humboldt Fog goat cheese topped with caramelized sugar, basil, and honey, you’ll want to make sure you get a few bites before all of your friends devour this savory treat! 

Learn More About Cheese

Cheese Variety

At The Cheese Cottage, they also host various events and classes for you to join. You can learn more about specific types of cheeses and what drinks accompany them best at one of their pairing events. During these events, you’ll get to try a range of chesses while their experts explain more about each one and what makes a perfect pairing.

They even have classes that can help you become your own cheesemonger! Learn how to make the perfect cheese board and impress your friends with your spread at the next party you host.

Say Cheese!

You feta believe the best cheese around is at The Cheese Cottage! Stop on by today and enjoy some amazing specialty cheeses with a nice glass of wine!