Be Your Own Captain at Wallace Boat Rentals

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Maybe you’ve never been nautical, but now is the time to get in the water. The friendly and knowledgeable crew members at Wallace Boat Rentals in Orange Beach will show you how you can be your own captain. You don’t need experience; you don’t need a boating license; but you do need a pirate’s sense of adventure with a healthy appetite for fun!

Show Me the Way

Jetski Tours

When you arrive on their docks, your boat will be primed and ready to set sail. Their family-operated rental company rents pontoon boats to navigate 20 miles of bays, rivers, and islands near the Gulf Coast. Choose from a roomy pontoon boat for sightseeing or a double-decker pontoon with a slide for a refreshing splash into the water to cool you off. If you’re a jet ski junkie, ask about renting a jet ski for the day or registering for a jet ski tour!

The knowledgeable and experienced staff members instruct you on steering and operating the boats before you leave, so that you feel like a seasoned sailor. They distribute maps and instructions that designate where you can and cannot go and also toward points of interest. Suit up with life jackets and plenty of safety equipment and anchors aweigh!

What You Can SEA!

What can’t you “sea” or do may be a better question! Once you leave the dock, you will begin on your odyssey and will witness a great many things. Visit deserted and inhabited islands alike, dock the boat and embark on a nature hike, or eat at one of the many restaurants dotting the shorelines on Ono Island. Swim in the gulf water and be amazed when you spot dolphins frolicking so close you hope you could reach out and hug one. When it’s time to journey back, your newly developed sea legs may not let you!

Take the Wheel at Wallace Boat Rentals

If it’s time to take the wheel and set a course for a new seafaring adventure, talk to the helpful staff at Wallace Boat Rentals about how you can rent a pontoon or jet ski. They provide life jackets, well-maintained and clean pontoon boats, and teach you how to be your own captain. Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter pages or watch a video on YouTube!