Most Common Transmission Problems

Getting Your Transmission Fixed in Daphne, AL

Your transmission is one of the most important systems in your car. It manages your gear shifting, so you can get around Prichard and Saraland with peak performance. However, what are some signs that your transmission is having issues?

Nissan of Mobile wants to help you know when something isn’t right with your transmission. So, we put together this review of the most common transmission problems.

Low Fluid

The most common issue transmissions run into is low transmission fluid. Just like oil for your engine, transmission fluid keeps all the parts of this system lubricated and cool.

When there’s not enough fluid in your system, it can cause lots of problems, such as poor shifting and failure to distribute power from the throttle.

It can also damage parts of your transmission since now they’re at risk of overheating and building up friction. The solenoid, which manages the flow of your transmission fluid, is especially at risk when you’re low on fluid.

When your levels are low, it’s either a result of going too long without maintenance or there’s a crack. Check to see if the transmission is cracked and look under your car to see if it’s leaking.

Slipping Gears

Replacing Low Transmission Fluid in Daphne, AL

One of the telltale signs of low transmission fluid or a malfunction is when your vehicle starts slipping gears.

Whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission, your gear shifts should be precise, and it should stay in that gear until it needs to change. If you’re driving and notice it randomly shifting into another gear or neutral, that’s a clear sign of transmission problem.

Since a vehicle that switches into neutral or a different gear at any time is not safe to drive, stop the car and call for service right away if you notice this.

Jammed Clutch

The other extreme is when your transmission won’t shift. A jammed clutch can lock in one gear, so you’re stuck going a lot slower.

You’ll be able hear this and feel it in the way the car drives. If you step on the accelerator and the engine sounds like it’s trying to go faster but you’re still going the same speed, that means you’re stuck in one gear.

This is a little safer than slipping gears, so you may be able to drive to a service center, but you likely won’t be able to go over a certain speed.

Torque Converter Damage

Transmission Service in Daphne, AL

Another problem you’ll be able to hear is if your torque converter is damaged. When needle bearings inside the torque converter start overheating, you’ll hear a noise that sounds like grinding metal when you accelerate.

If you’re unsure what’s causing this sound, put the car in neutral. If the sound goes away, that’s a clear sign that the torque converter is the issue.

Transmission Service

At Nissan of Mobile, we have a team of expertly trained technicians in our service center to take care of any transmission maintenance and service issues for drivers in Prichard and Saraland.

Contact our service center to learn more about the most common transmission problems and schedule service with us if you experience any of these problems.