Nissan Dashboard Light Guides

Your dashboard lights are like a treasure map to what’s going on with your car. As soon as there’s something wrong, an “X” marks the spot! Without these handy-dandy indicators, you might not figure out if your oil is low, your transmission is busted, or your trunk is ajar until it’s too late.

You get the picture. That’s why our team here at Nissan of Mobile created this extensive library of Nissan Dashboard Light Guides for our customers in Mobile, Prichard, Saraland, Daphne, and the surrounding Alabama communities. Browse this list to find your specific Nissan model today.

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About Our Nissan Dashboard Light Guides

Nissan Dashboard

Each article will cover some of the most important lights and icons that you’ll find on your Nissan’s dashboard. We’re talking about ones like the Anti-Lock Braking System warning, the BRAKE warning, the Seat Belt indicator, the Air Bag warning, the Oil Change indicator, and many others.

Yet that’s not all. In addition to a description of what the icon means, you can learn what it looks like, too. That way, you can identify the icon from the rest as you’re scanning your Nissan’s dash.

Last, but certainly not least, it’ll tell you how to get in touch with us today at Nissan of Mobile to set up your service appointment. This is especially helpful to know when one of those key icons is illuminated.

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Nissan Service Technicians

Once you do schedule an appointment, there’s almost no doubt that you’ll be pleased with the service you receive. Our technicians are some of the best in the industry, especially when it comes to the task of identifying and solving Nissan dashboard light problems. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment!

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