Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module

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There are so many important parts under the hood of your car all working together to make sure your commutes in the Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland area are seamless and safe. We all know about the engine and transmission, but how well do you know the transmission control module?

Just like the well-known aspects under your hood, this component is integral to your vehicle’s performance. This is why Nissan of Mobile has created this guide to tell you what it does, why it’s important, and the most common signs of a bad transmission control module. Let’s jump right in.

What is a Transmission Control Module?

Under the hood, you will find an electronic mechanism called the transmission control module. This important piece of equipment works with your automatic transmission, as well as your engine to help keep your vehicle running as smoothly as possible. By helping the engine figure out how and when to change gears, it leaves you with a seamless, guess-free drive.

This part also works hand in hand with other vital components in your vehicle’s makeup, like the brake pedal position sensor, transmission fluid temp sensor, throttle position sensor, and more.

Without this part under your hood, your transmission will be unable to change gears when it needs to, ultimately causing some serious issues in your vehicle (and not just with the transmission). 

Common Signs of a Faulty Transmission Control Module

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To ensure your vehicle is safe on the roads, watching for signs that your transmission control module is broken or bad is a good idea. Lucky enough, these issues are pretty easy to notice, allowing you to get your car into an authorized professional before it’s too late.

The next time you hit the streets and notice any of the following symptoms of a broken transmission control module, make sure to schedule an appointment for a checkup right away. This will prevent further damage to your vehicle and ensure your safety on the roads.

  • It’s difficult to downshift when you’re driving slowly, trying to slow down, or when coming to a stop.
  • Upshifting is harder when you’re trying to speed up or there is a delay in acceleration.
  • You notice any issues with shifting or you cannot shift out of the neutral state.
  • You’re experiencing gear slippage, or your vehicle shifts to neutral when trying to engage another gear.
  • There is a delay in shifting, no matter which gears you’re coming from or going to.

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, the culprit probably has to do with your transmission control module. Making sure that it gets assessed by a professional as soon as possible is critical to ensure your safety while driving.

Get Transmission Control Module Assistance at Nissan of Mobile Today

If you think your shifting difficulties might be due to a faulty transmission control module, make an appointment at our state-of-the-art service center today. Our team of certified professionals can find the root of the issue and perform the repairs needed, allowing you to hit the streets of Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland safely again. Schedule your visit today!