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It’s often said that the engine is the heart of a vehicle and motor oil serves as its lifeblood. When your oil falls below a certain level, it could potentially damage the engine. By knowing the signs and symptoms of when you need an oil change, you can ensure your car’s engine remains healthy and efficient.

At Nissan of Mobile, our service team is dedicated to empowering drivers throughout Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland by providing useful tips and resources to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. If you’re noticing any of the following signs below, schedule a service appointment. Continue reading to learn some basic symptoms of low engine oil and the steps to take to avoid any engine issues.

Service Technician Checking Oil

Signs of Low Engine Oil

Oil Warning Light

Low oil levels put undue burden on your vehicle’s engine and can result in engine damage. If your vehicle completely runs out of oil, your engine will immediately seize. If this happens while driving, the damage might be irreversible. Replacing an engine can easily be avoided by keeping an eye out for the following low oil symptoms:

  1. Oil Pressure Warning Light. This symbol most often appears as a dripping oil can on your dashboard and is your first line of defense. You should immediately have your vehicle serviced and the oil replaced if this light pops up on your dash.
  2. Burning Scent. When your engine oil falls below the required level, it results in your engine’s metal components overheating. The heat created will often give off an unpleasant burning scent, which will reach inside the cabin if it’s not handled.
  3. Knocking or Banging. The increase of friction will cause your engine rods to loosen and make loud knocking or banging noises while driving. Rods are what keep the engine’s pistons secure and in place, so when they become loose, it immediately lowers engine performance.
  4. Engine Failure. If you reach this point, the damage has already been done and a complete engine overhaul must be performed. To avoid this, ensure your car receives regular oil changes and inspections.

Why Do I Need to Monitor and Change My Oil?

Inside your engine, there’s many metal parts all moving in perfect sync to keep your vehicle in motion. These moving parts create friction and if not properly lubricated, will start to overheat and malfunction. Motor oil keeps everything inside your engine running smoothly, as well as helps clear away things like dirt and other harmful particles.

Regularly changing your oil and keeping it at the proper levels provide a number of great benefits, including: optimal engine performance, strong fuel economy, decreased emissions, and an increase in the longevity of your vehicle.

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