What Causes Tire Cupping?

Balancing Tires

Tires are a critical aspect of any vehicle, but with the high-quality advancements that have come out lately, they can sometimes be forgotten. However, when something is wrong with your wheels, it doesn’t take long to notice, and this is especially true when it comes to tire cupping.

To help drivers in the Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland areas, the pros at Nissan of Mobile are here to answer your questions about what causes tire cupping. Below, you’ll find out exactly what this is, how it happens, and what steps to take next.

What Is Tire Cupping?

Cupping is a type of wear that happens on the outside of your tires and is fairly easy to spot with the naked eye. This damage is characterized by high and low spots, which look like a small cup or dent has been formed into your tire. Luckily, if it is caught in early stages, it can be corrected.

What Are the Signs of Cupped Tires?

Tire cupping can be diagnosed by paying close attention to how your vehicle is driving or simply looking at the tires. When on the road, a cupped tire will feel like your wheel is out of balance-you’ll notice your steering wheel jolting and your seat may even vibrate, especially at increased speeds.

You can also feel if your tires are cupped by running your hand over them. If you sense any dips or high/low parts in your tread, that is more than likely a cup forming on your tire.

What Causes a Tire to Cup?

There are three main reasons why tires might form cups. Let’s take a look at them below.

  • Imbalanced Wheels – If you feel feedback in your steering wheel or shaking on smooth drives, your tires are probably out of balance. This can lead to issues like tire cupping due to the bouncing of tires, creating scoops when hitting uneven pavement.
  • Misaligned Vehicle – When your car is not properly aligned, it can cause inconsistent friction levels when driving. This leads to more focused points of wear on your wheels, eventually creating divots.
  • Suspension Issues – The most common cause of tire cupping is a damaged suspension system. Unlike the other reasons, this happens quickly because workings, like tire absorption, are not functioning properly. Essentially, your wheels are taking on more force and road imperfections than intended.

Is it Safe to Drive with Cupped Tires?

Adding Air to Tires

When this happens to your wheels, it compromises the traction of your tires as well as other performance aspects of your car. When your tires aren’t hitting the road properly, it can result in dangerous outcomings and even possible collisions.

Once you notice any of the symptoms of tire cupping, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment with your authorized dealer. They can detect the exact issue and make any repairs to keep you safe on the road.

Fix the Issue at Nissan of Mobile

When it comes time to improve the integrity of your wheels, contact our team today. Our professional technicians will tell you what causes tire cupping in your vehicle and make sure that the issue is resolved. We proudly serve drivers in the Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland areas.