What To Do If Your Nissan Has a Recall?

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What To Do If Your Nissan Has a Recall

What To Do If Your Nissan Has a Recall?

Recall Service at Nissan of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama

If you’ve received a recall notification regarding your Nissan car, truck, or SUV, the experienced service team at Nissan of Mobile can help. When a recall occurs, the automaker is responsible for paying for the parts and labor. All you have to do is schedule the appointment, and our service team at Nissan of Mobile near Tillmans Corner will take care of the problem free of charge.

What to Do If Your Car Has a Recall

Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety test safety features and report their findings back to manufacturers and consumers. When these agencies find a faulty part in the powertrain or safety features like the Nissan airbag recall, they recommend that affected automakers issue recalls and make necessary repairs.

When a safety recall affects Nissan cars, trucks, or SUVs, the automaker sends notices to registered owners and dealerships. If you receive a notification in the mail, we recommend scheduling the recall service as soon as possible. You can use our convenient online service scheduling tool to find a time that fits your schedule.

Since Nissan covers the new parts and labor for recall services like the Nissan headlight recall, they must be completed at a dedicated Nissan dealership like Nissan of Mobile. Our service technicians will replace the faulty parts like the Nissan Altima headlights with new ones at no charge to you.

Occasionally, automakers issue recalls that don’t affect the safety or performance of any vehicles. When Nissan does this, they only share recall information with dealerships through their computer system.

When you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance, your service advisor checks if your vehicle has any outstanding recall issues. Your service advisor will let you know about any recalls, so you can arrange repairs at your convenience. You can also check your VIN against the Nissan Recall information on our website.

Taking Care of Recall Services

Automakers strive to avoid having any recalls, but manufacturers are required to fix problems that create safety issues for their customers. If you receive a recall notice, taking care of it immediately is the best course of action. Many customers choose to schedule their recall services to coincide with other services like oil changes and tire rotations to make the most of their precious time.

Choose the Nissan Dealer Near Semmes, Alabama

When you need Nissan recall service, the technicians at Nissan of Mobile in Mobile, Alabama, are ready to help. We staff our service department with factory-trained and certified technicians who take care of Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs all day. They know the technology under the hood and in the cabin better than any other technicians in the Mobile area. All services include a multi-point inspection and a record in your vehicle’s history report.

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