When to Check Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

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The transmission is an important aspect of your car’s operation. The following information is designed to assist you in being able to determine when it’s time to have the transmission fluid checked. We’ll be covering a variety of warning signs that you’re going to want to keep in mind throughout your travels. Continue reading below to learn all about when to check your transmission fluid.

Problems Shifting


It’s a good bet that you’re going to want to check your transmission if it seems to be having some issues shifting from gear to gear. If there’s some definite shaking happening, your either running low on fluid or it needs to be flushed.

If the transmission is hesitating as it shifts, it’s because there isn’t enough fluid to provide the necessary pressure. If it isn’t refilled and is allowed to completely run out of fluid, the transmission will stop shifting altogether.

It Smells like Something’s Burning

When the fluid gets low enough, the transmission could start to give off a distinct burning smell. If the transmission is overheating, be sure to take it to a service center as soon as possible to have a certified technician take a look. The main concern here is not letting it go too long in order to avoid any serious damage.

Grinding Noises

Grinding sounds and similar noises when shifting could be the result of the fluid getting low enough to cause some damage to the clutches and bands inside the transmission. Again, have the transmission checked out by an automotive technician to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

Transmission Slip

Another indication that it’s time to take a look at the transmission fluid is if you’re experiencing transmission slips. This is when it suddenly changes back to the previous gear without warning.

Watch Out for Leaks in Your Transmission

Transmission Leak

Any situation where you seem to be running low on transmission fluid could be caused by a leak. It’s a good idea to take a look to find out if this is the case. To do this, inspect the pavement underneath your car for fresh drops or puddles. If there’s something there, you’ll be able to recognize whether or not it’s transmission fluid by its color. Healthy fluid ranges from clear red to light brown. Fluid that’s unhealthy can be dark brown or even black.

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