Why is My Car Leaking Oil?


Most of us have been there. You’re ready to take on the day and suddenly you notice there’s been something seeping from your vehicle. It’s oil and you know that’s never a good sign. However, if you can discover the cause of the issue, you can get back on the roads of Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland safely once again.

To help you find the culprit, Nissan of Mobile has created a list of the most popular diagnoses, so you’ll never have to ask “why is my car leaking oil” again. Read about them below and we know you’ll have your car back to a healthy state in no time.

Common Reasons for Vehicle Oil Leaks

Holes – One of the most popular explanations for an oil leak in your vehicle are holes. These can often be found in your oil pan, gasket, or many other places and unfortunately, they can form in even the newest vehicles due to high heat and excessive driving.

However, these holes are relatively easy to repair by either sealing them up completely or by replacing the holey equipment. The certified technician at your authorized dealership’s service center can find out which repair method is best, so you can resume driving as usual.

Broken Piston Rings & Valves – Your engine includes a very crucial piece of equipment called the combustion chamber. This helps your engine run properly and heightens performance, so you can take on the streets. Oil is not supposed to be anywhere near this area, however, when the piston seals and valves are faulty, broken, or aren’t tight enough, this can happen.


Though this type of oil leak typically cannot be detected by seeing a puddle under your vehicle, it will diminish oil just like any other leak. It can also cause oil to burn on the combustion chamber, which might lead to other issues under your hood. To get this issue assessed properly, make an appointment at your service right away.

Faulty Dip Stick Tube – The dip stick is how you are able to tell if you have enough clean oil in your reservoir and the dip stick tube is where this device calls home. If there are any issues within the tube, like a rupture or is has broken completely, this can result in oil leaking from your vehicle.

Though this repair is an easy one, it’s best to take your car into an authorized dealer, as you will need a new dip stick tube. They’ll be able to order one with no problem and might even have one in their parts center already.

Fix Your Oil Leak in Mobile, Prichard, & Saraland Today

If you have found the reason why your car is leaking oil, or you need some further assistance in finding the culprit, head on down to Nissan of Mobile. Our team of knowledgeable and professional technicians can diagnose the issue and fix it right up, leaving you with an ideally running vehicle.

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