Why is My Car Shaking?

Why is My Car Shaking?

Unfortunately, there may be times when you’re driving around Mobile, Prichard, and Saraland and you ask yourself, “Why is my car shaking?” The team at Nissan of Mobile is here to tell you that there are three main reasons we tend to see for shaking cars.

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3 Reasons for Car Shaking

1.     Uneven Tires

Uneven Tires

Often, we someone’s wondering why their car is shaking, we can attribute this to the tires for several reasons.

For one, your tires may be unbalanced. Even brand-new tires aren’t perfectly round, which means they have natural weight imbalances that a technician will fix by adding weights or washers to the inside of tire walls. Over time, these weights may shift and cause your tires to become unbalanced, which can lead to some unexpected car shaking. A simple tire balancing should fix this.

Another tire issue is uneven wear. It’s normal for your tires to wear down with use over the 3-4 years of their average expected lifespan. However, they don’t all wear down evenly, which can lead to shaking or shuddering. For example, front-wheel drive cars may wear down their front tires faster. To prevent this, schedule a tire rotation with every oil change.

2.     Worn Brake Parts

Another cause of car shaking is related to your brakes. It’s expected that your brake pads will wear down with use—actually, they’re supposed to. When this happens, the metal in your brake pads, known as the wear indicator, may begin to scrape against the rotor and cause a squeaking sound. Prolonged exposure to this metal may warp your rotors and cause your car to shake, especially while braking.

Your rotors can also warp just from regular use since they’re frequently exposed to the braking friction that brings your car to a stop. If your rotors are warped, your brake pad may slip when pressed against your rotors during braking, which can result in shaking.

3.     Engine Issues

A final reason your car is shaking could be the engine. If the shuddering is coming from the front of the car, your engine may not be getting enough of spark to keep your vehicle running smoothly. This often initiates during acceleration or when driving at high speeds. If you notice this, you may be due to change your spark plugs

What Do I Do if My Car is Shaking?

Vehicle Maintenance

As you’ve seen, your car can be shaking for several reasons. If you notice this happening with your vehicle, it’s best to have a factory-certified technician look over your car as soon as possible and provide an accurate diagnosis. This can ensure that you’re getting the right fix for whatever issues may be present.

Going to your dealership’s service center is also convenient if you need a new set of tires, brake pads, rotors, or anything else. They normally keep original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in-stock so that they can fix your car up using the right tool for the job.

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